2017   Vacant Source
2016 A.E. Huggins  Closed Source
2015 A.E. Huggins  Closed
Owners have retired.
2012 A E Huggins[off licence and tobacconist]Photo Source
1970 A. E. Huggins[beer retailer] Source
1970 A.E. Huggins
from Mrs Huggins via Gerald Serpell-MorrisPhoto
1962 Thos. A. Bastable & Son[wholesale tobacconists] Source
1950 Thos. A. Bastable[wholesale tobacconist] Source
1939 Thos. Archbld. Bastable[shopkeeper] Source
1931 Alfred B. Hopkins[grocer] Source
1921 Alfred Hopkins[grocer] Source
1910 William Hy. Griffin[grocer, etc.] Source
1900 Jesse Johns[grocer, etc.] Source
1890 H & H Hinder[house agents, &c] Source

285, Gloucester Road dated 2012-01 by julia
dated 2012-01   by julia
285, Gloucester Road dated 1970
from Mrs Huggins via Gerald Serpell-Morris dated 1970