2018 Bristol North Baths
For sale as a residential development  for sale
2017 Bristol North Swimming Baths  Refurbishment Source
2015   News
Taken back into BCC control
2014 Work stopped  News Source
2012 Work starts on the Baths redevelopment - from Bristol 24-7  News Source
2012   OpenedTheDeepEnd exhibition  Website Source
2012 Squatters take over the Baths  Website Source
2012 Listed Building  Website Source
2012 Photo Source
2012 Bristol North Swimming Baths (Disused) Source
2011   Vacant Source
2011 History of the Baths  Video Source
2010 Baths  StreetPhoto  Photo Source
2007 Save Bristol North Baths campaign oppose sell-off  News Source
2006 Campaign to prevent closure  Photo Source
2006 Working on the ChimneyPhoto Source
2004 Save the Bristol North Baths party started  News Source
2002 Public Baths[baths] Source
1999 Only Fools and Horse location  Website Source
1978 Public Baths[baths] Source
1970 Corporation Swimming Baths (Bristol North) Source
1962 Corporation Swimming Baths (Bristol North)[(baths)] Source
1950 Corporation Swimming Baths (Bristol North)Jn. Hancock[(baths)] Source
1939 Corporation Swimming Bath (Bristol North)Jn Hancock[(baths)] Source
1931 Corporation Swimming Bath (Bristol North)G.U. Scott[(baths)] Source
1923 Baths Cinema  PhotoPhoto Source
1915   Est.Plan attached to an Agreement to divert a sewer dated 15 March 1915
An Agreement between Samuel Robert Gorvett of 22 Codrington Road, Bishopston Bristol, builder and the City of Bristol to divert a sewer - "whereas the Corporation is desirous of diverting the public sewer running from Codrington Road...to the land upon which the Corporation are erecting public baths..."
1911 Albert Milliner[piano and organ dealer and timer]  Census Source
1910 Albert Millier[piano & organ tuner] Source
1900 Mrs Clara Batho Source
1890 William Loram Source
1881 Charles Herbert[barber & gilder] Source

98, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by McDa
dated 2012   by McDa
98, Gloucester Road dated 2006
Working on the Chimney dated 2006  
98, Gloucester Road dated 1923 from Paul Townsend
dated 1923   from Paul Townsend
98, Gloucester Road dated 1915
Plan attached to an Agreement to divert a sewer dated 15 March 1915 dated 1915