2017 Chandni Chowk[clothes and fashion (indian)]  Website Source
2015 Smartfix Technology[phone and computer repairs]  Opened  WebsitePhoto Source
2013 Winning Post  Moved
to 195 Gloucester Road
2013 Winning PostPhoto Source
2011 Winning Post[bookmaker] Source
2002 Ladbrokes[betting office] Source
1978 Ladbrokes[betting office] Source
1962 Edgar's[costumiers] Source
1950 Edgar's[costumiers] Source
1939 Elgar's[costumiers] Source
1931 Alexander's LibraryJas. W. Finch[stationers] Source
1921 M. Alexander[stationer] Source
1921 Thomas Anstin Egelstaff Source
1915 Alexander[stationer and fancy goods]  StreetPhoto
Date uncertainPhoto
1910 M. Alexander[stationer and fancy] Source
1900 Richard Coleridge[stationer] Source
1890 Geo. Gosnold[bishopston library] Source

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93, Gloucester Road dated 2015-03 by Conor O'Neill
dated 2015-03   by Conor O'Neill
93, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-16Z by chris
dated 2013-05-16Z   by chris
93, Gloucester Road dated 1915
Date uncertain dated 1915