2017 Computer Right[computer sales and repairs] Source
2013 Computer RightPhoto Source
2013 Computer Right[computer sales and repairs]  Website Source
2011   Vacant Source
2002 Rooted Records[recordings] Source
1978 The Greeting Card shopC.W Ford[cards] Source
1970 Kiosks (West of England) Ltd.[card shop] Source
1962 Trimways (Bristol)[hairdressers] Source
1962 Jn. Stefani[tobacconist] Source
1950 Clifford Brodie[tobacconist] Source
1939 Herbt. Jas. Rowe[tobacconist] Source
1931 Mrs Nellie McDowall[registry office] Source
1931 Clarke & RiderOwen T. Rider[tobacconists] Source
1931 Kleen Ezed Brush Co. ltd Source
1931 Mrs Edith Clark Source
1921 Thomas Ridler Seymour[tobacconist] Source
1921 Mrs E Edwards Source
1910 Brown & Seymour, Ltd.[tobacconist] Source
1910 Income Tax OfficePercival Davies[collector] Source
1910 Hearts of Oak Life, Fire & General Assurance Company, Ltd.Christopher Harrold[(insurance)] Source
1910 Income Tax OfficeWilliam H. Cromer[collector] Source
1900 Robert McCall[hairdresser] Source
1890 Frank H. Tidd[hairdresser] Source

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dated 2013-05-18Z   by chris