2017 Andrews[estate agent] Source
2013 AndrewsPhoto Source
2012 Andrews[estate agents] Source
2011 Andrews[estate agent] Source
2002 Western Fitted Bedrooms[furniture] Source
1978 Western Fitted Bedrooms[furniture] Source
1970 Nathaniel Palmer & Sons Ltd.[registered. tool merchants] Source
1950 R Hill & Son[tool merchants] Source
1939 D. Grey[clothier] Source
1939 Fredk. Jn. Speare Source
1931 Jas. Geo. Jsph. Lewis N.A.M.H[herbalist] Source
1921 Nathaniel Palmer & Sons[ironmongers] Source
1910 Palmer N. & Sons, Limited[ironmongers] Source
1900 Palmer N. & Co.[ironmongers and oil and colour merchants] Source
1890 William Arthur Ford Source
1881 Christopher Jas. Hall[commercial clerk] Source

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82, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-07Z by chris
dated 2013-05-07Z   by chris