2017 Vincenzo & SonFranco and Vincenzo Noto[barber] Source
2013 Vincenzo & SonFranco and Vincenzo Noto[barber]  Video  Video Source
2012 Vincenzo & Son[gentlemans hairstylists]Photo Source
2011 Vincenzo & Son[hairdresser (barber)] Source
2002 Prudential Assurance[insurance office] Source
1990 Vincenzo[barber]  opened
by Nigel Tibbs  Story
1978 Prudential Assurance[insurance office] Source
1970 Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd[(life assurance)] Source
1967 Vincenzo[barber]  Est. Source
1962 Home Making Aid Ltd.[interior decorators] Source
1950 Miss Mabel L. Anstie[milliner] Source
1939 Miss Mabel L. Anstie[costumier] Source
1931 Miss Mabel L. Austie[costumier] Source
1931 Lewis & Co[undertakers] Source
1921 Lewis & Co[undertakers] Source
1911 William Masten[meter inspector gas co]  Census Source
1910 Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd.[(insurance)] Source
1900 Francis William Henry Bailey[house decorator & painter, &c] Source
1890 William Russell Cotterell[builder] Source
1881 John Heable[surveyor] Source

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76, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris