2017 Bamba Beads[jeweller and craft shop] Source
2013 Bamba Beads  WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Bamba Beads[jeweller] Source
2002 Help the Animals[charity shop] Source
1978 Maynards[news agent] Source
1970 Maynards Limited[confectioners] Source
1962 Maynards Limited[confectioners] Source
1950 Maynards Limited[confectioners] Source
1939 Maynards limited[confectioners] Source
1939 Geo Gingell Source
1931 Maynards limited[confectioners] Source
1921 Maynards limited[confectioners] Source
1921 Mrs Nellie McDowall[registry office] Source
1910 Maynards Ltd.[confectioners] Source
1910 Mrs Nellie McDowell[registry???] Source
1900 Goldring & SonFredk. Johnson[chimney sweeps] Source
1890 F. G. Johnson[chimney sweep] Source

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7, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-18Z by chris
dated 2013-05-18Z   by chris