2017 Make[clothes and accessories] Source
2013 Make  Twitter Source
2013 Make  Facebook Source
2013 MakeJulia Davidson[clothes and accessories]Photo Source
2011 The Pippa & Ike Show[children's wear] Source
2007 Pink Lemons  Photo Source
2002 Pink Soda[ladies ware] Source
1978 Donald Walker[fish merchant] Source
1970 D. Walker[fishmonger] Source
1962 Angel[gowns] Source
1950 Westons (Brixton) Ltd.[costumiers] Source
1939 Cranbrook Radio Ltd.[wireless engineers] Source
1931 The Home & Colonial Stores, ltd.[(grocer)] Source
1921 The Home & Colonial Stores, ltd.[(grocer)] Source
1910 The Home & Colonial Stores Ltd.[(grocer)] Source
1900 The Home & Colonial Tea Stores, Ltd.[(grocer)] Source
1890 Joseph Watkins[mason] Source

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59, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-16Z by chris
dated 2013-05-16Z   by chris