2017 Bombay Raj[restaurant(Indian)] Source
2013 Bombay Raj[restaurant(Indian)]Photo Source
2011 Bombay Raj[restaurant/takeaway(Indian)] Source
2002 Greenlight Recruitment[employment agency] Source
2002 Star of India[restaurant(Indian)] Source
1978 K & S Ingram[fruit and veg] Source
1970 S. W. Fruiterers[(fruiterer)] Source
1962 S. W. Fruiterers[(fruiterer)] Source
1950 Stuart T. Hookey[watch material dealer] Source
1939 Jas. Hy. Harvey[confectioner] Source
1931 Misses Eleanor Mary and Miriam Winifred Dancey[confectioners] Source
1921 Mrs Joyce Barley Baxter[confectioner] Source
1910 Geo Hobbs[greengrocer and fruiterer] Source
1890 Owen Reynolds Source

403, Gloucester Road dated 2013-04-24Z by chris
dated 2013-04-24Z   by chris