2017 The empire of burger and steakShohreh Etemadi[restaurant]  Opened  WebsitePhoto Source
2015 SeebShohreh Etemadi[coffee and gelato bar]  WebsitePhoto Source
2013 [residential]Photo Source
1996 Tim Franklin Pool and Snooker Table ServicesTim Franklin[snooker services]  Opened Source
1978 [residential] Source
1970 Singer[laundrette] Source
1962 Lewis Claude Ltd.[cycle agents] Source
1950 Claude Lewis[cycle agent] Source
1939 Claude Lewis[cycle agent] Source
1931 Claude Lewis[cycle agent] Source
1921 Paxmans Ltd[clearners and dyers (receiving depot)] Source
1910 Paxman & Co[cleaners & dyers] Source

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379B, Gloucester Road dated 2017 from Full Survey 2017
dated 2017   from Full Survey 2017
379B, Gloucester Road dated 2015-06Z by chris
dated 2015-06Z   by chris
379B, Gloucester Road dated 2013-04-24Z by chris
dated 2013-04-24Z   by chris