2017 Horders Appliance Specialists[electrical appliances] Source
2013 Horders Appliance Specialists[electrical appliances]  Website Source
2013 Horders Electrical Contractors[electrical contractors]  Website Source
2013 HordersPhoto Source
2011 A E Horders[electrical retailer and contractor] Source
1978 A.E. Horder[electrical goods and appliances] Source
1970 A.E. Horder & Co Ltd[electrical retailers and contractors] Source
1967 A. E. Horder & Co[electrical contractors]Photo Source
1962 A.E. Horder & Co. Ltd[electrical contractors] Source
1950 Jn. F. Pratt[draper] Source
1939 John F. Pratt[draper] Source
1931 John F. Pratt[draper] Source
1921 John F. Pratt[draper] Source
1910 John F. Pratt[draper & milliner] Source
1900 Betty Frederick James Woodward Source
1890 Albert Young Source

371, Gloucester Road dated 2013-04-27Z by chris
dated 2013-04-27Z   by chris
371, Gloucester Road dated 1967 by chris
dated 1967   by chris