2017 Filton Aquaria[aquaria and pet shop] Source
2013 Filton AquariaPhoto Source
2013 Filton AquariaDave Prowse[aquaria and pet shop] Source
2011 Aquaria and Pet Centre[pets] Source
2002 Acquaria and Pet Centre[pet shop] Source
1984 Filton AquariaDave Prowse[aquaria and pet shop]  Owned Source
1979 Filton AquariaHopper[aquaria and pet shop]  Owned Source
1978 Filton Aquaria[aquarium supplies] Source
1970 RippinsJ & DM Rippin[tobacconists] Source
1962 G. Legg[tobacconist] Source
1950 Geo. Legg[fancy goods dealer] Source
1939 Wm. Jn. Evans[stationer] Source
1931 Perey Wm. Foot[stationer] Source
1921 Bertram L. Mason[stationer] Source
1910 William Howard Edwards[stationer & newsagent] Source
1900 Benjamin Brock[painter etc.] Source
1890 John Andrews[warder h. m. goal] Source

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367, Gloucester Road dated 2013-04-24Z by chris
dated 2013-04-24Z   by chris