2017 Compass Project Source
2013 Compass ProjectPhoto Source
2013 Compass Project Bristol[charity shop]  Website Source
2011 Compass[charity] Source
2008 The Book Cupboard  Closed Source
2003 Book Cupboard[bookshop]
by Mike Matthews  Story
2002 The Book Cupboard[bookshop] Source
1978 Sound Selection[rental tv audio] Source
1970 Sound Selection[radio dealers] Source
1962 A. E. Alder & Co. Ltd.[timber merchants] Source
1950 A.E. Alder & Co[timber merchants] Source
1939 A.E. Alder & Co[timber merchants] Source
1931 Spilsbury Brothers[tailors] Source
1921 William Spilsbury[tailor] Source
1910 William Spilsbury[tailor] Source
1900 William Charles Field[baker] Source
1900 Robert Fouracres[lath render etc.] Source
1890 Walter Allen[baker] Source

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363, Gloucester Road dated 2013-04-24Z by chris
dated 2013-04-24Z   by chris