2017 Royall Mortgage Services[financial services] Source
2014 Royall Mortgage Services[financial service]Photo Source
2011 Royal Mortgage Services[mortgage broker] Source
2002 Bowrings[pets and supplies] Source
1978 Bowrings[pets and supplies] Source
1970 Bowerings' Stores[corn merchants] Source
1962 Bowering's Stores[corn merchants] Source
1950 Bowering's Stores[corn merchant] Source
1939 Mrs Kate Bowering[corn merchant] Source
1931 Benjamin Bowering[corn merchant] Source
1930 Bowering's Stores  PhotoPhoto Source
1921 Benjamin Bowering[corn merchant] Source
1910 Bence Bros[grocer and provision merchant] Source
1900 Arthur Walter Peake[surgery] Source

360, Gloucester Road dated 2014-12-30Z by chris
dated 2014-12-30Z   by chris
360, Gloucester Road dated 1930 from Flickr
dated 1930   from Flickr