2017 The House Cafe[cafe] Source
2016 International Cafe[cafe]  Closed Source
2013 International Cafe[cafe]Photo Source
2013 International Cafe[cafe] Source
2011 International Cafe[cafe] Source
2007 International Cafe[cafe]  Opened Source
2002 Sunflower[baker and delicessen] Source
1978 Barleydown[leather goods] Source
1970 Jn. Edwards[butcher] Source
1962 Jn. Edwards[butcher] Source
1950 Jn. Edwards[butcher] Source
1939 Jn. Edwards[butcher] Source
1931 Joseph Walter Webb[butcher] Source
1921 Oliiver William Beard[confectioner] Source
1910 Leonard Brown[western laundry] Source
1900 Mrs Elizabeth Head Source
1890 Mrs Heal Source

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359, Gloucester Road dated 2013-04-24Z by chris
dated 2013-04-24Z   by chris