2017 Bottles and Books[comics and bar]Photo Source
2016 Bottles and Books[comics and bar]  Opened Source
2014 Citi[electronics and computers]Photo Source
2011 Citi[computer] Source
2002 P.M. Bromley[footware repair] Source
1978 P.M. Bromley[footware repair] Source
1970 Electro-Plumb Ltd[heating and ventilation engineers] Source
1962 Fredk. D. Tarbuck Source
1950 Edwd Cranfeld Source
1950 Idris Williams M.B., Ch. B.[physician & surgeon] Source
1939 Idris Williams M.B. Ch.B.[physician and surgeon] Source
1939 Leslie Stephen Ncholas Source
1931 Idris Williams M.D. cH.B.[physician and surgeon] Source
1921 Henry John Beacham Source
1910 Henry John Beacham Source
1900 Charles Frederick Barnett Source
1890 Charles Frederick Barnett Source

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356, Gloucester Road dated 2017-11 from Full Survey 2017
dated 2017-11   from Full Survey 2017
356, Gloucester Road dated 2014-12-30Z by chris
dated 2014-12-30Z   by chris