2017 A Touch of Beauty[beauty salon]Photo Source
2016   Vacant Source
2014 A Touch of Beauty[beauty salon] Source
2011 T.K. Shoe Repairs[shoe repairs] Source
2002 Georges[second-hand goods] Source
1978 Georges[second-hand goods] Source
1962 Frank R. Saunders Source
1962 Bristol Trustee Savings Bank[(bank)] Source
1950 Somerset & Wilts Trustee Savings bank[(bank)] Source
1939 Geo. Nathan Brooks[wireless dealer] Source
1931 Chas. Skuse[decorator] Source
1921 John Williams Source
1910 Ernest A. Millman Source
1900 Mrs Rosa Caroline Pearce Source
1890 Miss Burgess[school] Source

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352, Gloucester Road dated 2017-11 from Full Survey 2017
dated 2017-11   from Full Survey 2017