2017 Photo Source
2017 High Life[vape shop] Source
2016 High Life[vape shop] Source
2011 R.J. Media[computer] Source
2002 Bert Nutt[betting office] Source
1978 Bert Nutt[betting office] Source
1970 Bert Nutt Ltd[turf accountants] Source
1962 B Nutt[turf accountant] Source
1962 Corinne[ladies' hairdresser] Source
1950 Border & Co.[electrical contractors] Source
1950 Corinne[lades hardresser] Source
1931 Mrs Jane A.C. Bllingham[teacher of music] Source
1921 William Henry Billingham Source
1921 Mrs Jane Billingham[teacher of music] Source
1910 William Henry Billingham Source
1910 Miss J. Gannon[teacher of music] Source
1900 Miss J. Gannon[school] Source
1890 Charles Martin Source

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350, Gloucester Road dated 2017-11-23Z from Full Survey 2017
dated 2017-11-23Z   from Full Survey 2017