2017 Designers[barbers shop] Source
2012 Designers[barbers shop]Photo Source
2002 Designers[mens hairdresser] Source
1988 DesignersJohn and Barry Vasili[barber shop]  Est. Source
1978 Reg Harding[ladies and mens ware] Source
1970 Reg Harding & Son[tailors] Source
1962 Reg Harding & Son[tailors] Source
1950 Reg Harding & Son[tailors] Source
1939 Harry Cecil Cook[confectioner] Source
1931 Mrs Ellen Harris[confectioner] Source
1921 Miss Louisa Verchild[confectioner] Source
1910 Thos. Hy. Wollacott[pork butcher] Source
1900 Henry Moore[pork butcher and dairyman] Source

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311, Gloucester Road dated 2012-01 by julia
dated 2012-01   by julia