2017 Guru[restaurant and takeaway(Indian)] Source
2014 Guru  Twitter Source
2012 Guru Indian Cuisine[restaurant and take away(Indian)]  Opened  WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Old Fox  Closed Source
2002 Old Fox[public house ( Bass)] Source
1978 Old Fox[public house] Source
1970 Old Fox[public house] Source
1962 Old Fox[public house] Source
1950 Old FoxWm. Thos. Hartnell[public house] Source
1939 Old FoxEdward Hale[public house] Source
1931 Old Fox InnEdwin Stanley Luff[beer retailer] Source
1921 Mrs Emma Griffiths[beer retailer] Source
1910 Fox InnJames Hall[beer retailer] Source
1900 Fox InnSidney Slade[beer retailer] Source
1890 Fox InnThos. Maddock[(beer retailers)] Source

301, Gloucester Road dated 2012-03 by julia
dated 2012-03   by julia