2017 The Clean Bean[laundrette and cafe] Source
2013 The Clean Bean[laundrette and cafe]Photo Source
2011 The Clean Bean[launderette] Source
2002 Tony Maughan[tailor] Source
1978 Tony Maughan[tailor] Source
1970 Elvin John (Tailoring) Ltd.[tailors] Source
1962 Smith E.A. (Tailoring) Ltd.[(tailor)] Source
1939 Ronald Wltr. Waite F.B.O.A.,F.I.O.[ophthalmic optician] Source
1931 Miss Emily Roberts[tripe dealer] Source
1921 Miss Emily Roberts[tripe dealer] Source
1910 James Winchester[hairdresser] Source
1910 Edwd. Hy. Threader[bootmaker] Source
1900 Frederick England[hairdresser] Source
1900 Edwd. Hy. Thereder[bootmaker] Source
1890 Edwin Jacobs[prof. of music] Source

274, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-01Z by chris
dated 2013-05-01Z   by chris