2017 Turkish Community Centre[community centre (turkish)] Source
2013 Turkish Community Centre  WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Turkish Community BSW[community centre(Turkish)] Source
2002 Premier Wools[wools and knitting] Source
1978 Premier Wools[wools and knitting] Source
1970 Mrs S.T. Amesbury[wool dealer] Source
1962 Mrs. S.T. Amesbury[wool dealer] Source
1950 Mrs Judith Wallis[wool dealer] Source
1939 Mrs Edith Wallis[wool dealer] Source
1931 Mrs Lily May Luff[dairy] Source
1921 Frank Smart[fruiterer] Source
1910 Frank Smart[confectioner & dairy] Source
1900 Frank Smart[confectioner & dairy] Source
1890 John Blaxter Source

270, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-01Z by chris
dated 2013-05-01Z   by chris