2017 Bishopston Fish Bar[fish and chips takeaway] Source
2013 Bishopston Fish Bar[fish and chips takeaway]Photo Source
2011 Bishopston Fish Bar[fried fish] Source
2002 Tonys (Elec)[second hand goods] Source
1978 Tonys (Elec)[second hand goods] Source
1962 Mrs H.M. Taylor[shopkeeper] Source
1950 Poulter's[fancy goods dealers] Source
1939 Frank Poulter & Son[boot repairs] Source
1931 Frank Poulter & Son[boot makers] Source
1921 Edward Threader[boot maker] Source
1921 Charles Bussey[hair dresser] Source
1910 Mrs E.J. Manning Source
1900 Sidney Newton[house decorator] Source
1890 Joseph Hatherly Source

264, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-01Z by chris
dated 2013-05-01Z   by chris