2017 Amitabha Buddhist Centre[worship(Buddhist)] Source
2012 Amitabha Buddhist Centre  WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Amitabha Buddhist Meditation (house)[worship (buddhist)] Source
2011 World Peace Cafe[cafe] Source
2007 Amitabha Buddhist Centre  Opened Source
2002 [residential] Source
1978 [residential] Source
1970 Bishopston VicarageRev E. D. Cartwright MA[vicar of bishopston] Source
1962 Bishopston VicarageRev E D Cartwright MA[vicar] Source
1950 Bishopston vicarageRev F. Wm. Thomas MA[vicar] Source
1950 Rev Jn. R. L. Scammell LLB[curate of st michael & all angels] Source
1939 Bishopston VicarageRev Denis Bartlett Hall BA[vicar] Source
1939 Source
1931 Bishopston vicarageRev Denis Bartlett Hall BA[vicar] Source
1921 Bishopston VicarageRev Thomas George Ridgwell Barker MA[vicar] Source
1910 Bishopston VicarageRev Edward Mortimer[vicar] Source
1900 VicarageRev Edward Evans[vicar] Source
1890 VicarageRev Edward Evans Source

237V, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by julia
dated 2012   by julia