2017 The Charcoal Grill[takeaway(kabab)] Source
2012 The Charcoal Grill[takeaway(kabab)]Photo Source
2011 The Charcoal Grill[takeaway] Source
2002   vacant Source
1978   vacant Source
1970 Mendens Stores[decorators merchants] Source
1962 Meadens Stores[decorators merchant] Source
1962 Chain Libraries Ltd.[(library)] Source
1950 Meadens Stores[decorators merchants] Source
1939 Meadens Stores[decorators merchants] Source
1931 Shutter & Co.[decorators merchants] Source
1921 Baker W. & Sons[oil and color merchant] Source
1910 Walter Neath[picture frame maker] Source
1900 Edwin Chestermann[picture frame maker] Source
1890 Ambrose Willcox Andrews Source

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236, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris