2017 Bombolini[restaurant (italian)]  Opened  Website Source
2017 Biblos on the Hill  Closed Source
2015 Biblos on the Hill[cafe restaurant]  Opened Source
2015 Zazu's Kitchen  Moved Source
2013 Zazu  Twitter Source
2012 Zazu's kitchen[restaurant]  Opened  Website Source
2012 Photo Source
2012 Bistro La Barrique[french restaurant]  Website Source
2011 La Barrique[restaurant(French)] Source
2002 Picassos[cafe and restaurant] Source
1978 [???] Source
1970 Trident Automotive Bristol Ltd.[scooter dealers] Source
1962 Fiddament H.W. & Sons[motor car agents. & dealers] Source
1959 Trident Lambrettas
by Gerry Serpell-Morris  Story
1950 Evans Harold (F.H. Evans)[builder] Source
1939 Albt. Edwd. Dashfield[house decorator] Source
1931 Albert Edward Dashfield[house decorator, plumber and contractor] Source
1921 Albt. Edwd. Dashfield[house decorator] Source
1910 Mrs Elizh. Hazelstack Bristow Source
1900 Westbourne villaSamuel Collard Source
1890 Westbourne villaWm. A. Barr Source

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225, Gloucester Road dated 2012-04-22Z by Pat&Kate
dated 2012-04-22Z   by Pat&Kate