2017 The Barber Shop[barber] Source
2012 The Barber Shop[barber]Photo Source
2011 The Barber Shop[hairdresser (barber)] Source
2001 The Barber ShopAlan Morgan-Dickson[barber]  Opened Source
2000 [heath food] Source
1962 Mrs Ada Caddy Source
1962 Joseph Brent[jeweller] Source
1950 Mrs Ada Caddy Source
1950 Speedy Services Ltd[boot repairers] Source
1939 Ernest Gliddon[boot repairer] Source
1931 Ernest Gliddon[boot repairer] Source
1921 Ernest Gliddon[boot repairer] Source
1920 J. Deacon[basketmaker]
Minnie DeaconPhoto
1915 Deacon[basket maker]by Jo Yeandle  Story Source
1910 Albert E. Block[grocer and provision merchant] Source
1900 Fredk. Walter Lewis[greengrocer] Source
1890 Josiah Fredk. Willis Source

224, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris
224, Gloucester Road dated 1920c from Jo Yeandle
Minnie Deacon dated 1920c   from Jo Yeandle