2017 Bishopston TilesVicki and Simon Hardwell[tiles] Source
2012 Bishopston TilesVicki and Simon Hardwell[tiles]  WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Bishopston Tiles[tiles] Source
2002 B & H Tiles of Bishopston[interior decoration and tiles] Source
1978 Bobs Tile Centre[tiles] Source
1970 Witts G. A. & Sons[bakers] Source
1970 Bristol Sign Co. Ltd.[sign manufacturers] Source
1962 Bristol Sign Co. Ltd[sign manufacturers] Source
1960 Witt's the Baker[baker]
by Roger H Lidgley   Story
1950 Witts G.A. & Sons Ltd.[baker] Source
1939 Godfrey's[bakers] Source
1931 Herbert T. Godfrey[baker] Source
1930 Bishopston BakeryGodfrey[baker]
View of Shop  PhotoPhoto
1921 Herbert T. Godfrey[baker] Source
1910 Arthur Charles A. Phillips[baker] Source
1900 2 Princess villaJames Coles Source

219, Gloucester Road dated 2012-04-20Z by chris
dated 2012-04-20Z   by chris
219, Gloucester Road dated 1930 from Paul Townsend
View of Shop dated 1930   from Paul Townsend