2017 Express keysPaul Rutter[shoe repairs and key cutting] Source
2012 Express keysPaul Rutter[shoe repairs and key cutting]Photo Source
2011 Express Keys & Shoe Repairs[shoe repairs] Source
2011 Express Shoe RepairsPaul Rutter[shoe repairs and key cutting]  Obs. Source
2010 M Squared[computer shop]  Closed Source
2002 Hackers[fruit and veg] Source
1978 Hackers[fruit and veg] Source
1970 A. Hacker[greengrocer] Source
1962 A. Hacker[greengrocer] Source
1960 [greengrocer]Corner of Bishop Road - by Gerald Serpell-MorrisPhoto Source
1950 Clifford Stanley Rowe[greengrocer] Source
1939 Ivor E. Trigg[greengrocer] Source
1931 Albert James Gristock[shopkeeper] Source
1921 Dennis Burke[shopkeeper] Source
1900 Albert Edward Block[grocer] Source

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218, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris
218, Gloucester Road dated 1960
Corner of Bishop Road - by Gerald Serpell-Morris dated 1960