2017 Rocotillos[restaurant and bar (american)]  Opened  Twitter Source
2017 Zazu's Kitchen  Closed  Website
Both Zazu's Kitchens closed to concentrate on the pubs
2014 Zazu's KitchenToby Bywater[restaurant]  OpenedPhoto Source
2013 DelmonicoTwitter  Twitter Source
2012 Delmonico[restaurant]Website  WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Delmonico[restaurant(Italian)] Source
2002 Melbournes[restaurant] Source
1978 Style House[furnishings and carpet] Source
1970 S. & U. Stores[furniture store] Source
1962 S. & U. Warehouses[(furniture stores)] Source
1950 Fred Phillips[draper] Source
1939 Fred Phillips[draper] Source
1935 Fred Phillips
by Mike Matthews  Story
1931 Fred Phillips[draper] Source
1921 Fred Phillips[draper] Source
1910 Charles J. Locke[linen draper] Source
1900 1 Princess villaMrs Elizabeth Jollyman Source
1890 1 Princess villasMrs E. Jollyman Source

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217, Gloucester Road dated 2014-11-25 by chris
dated 2014-11-25   by chris
217, Gloucester Road dated 2012-04-20Z
Website dated 2012-04-20Z