2017 Metro Cafe[cafe] Source
2012 Metro Cafe[cafe]Photo Source
2011 The Metro North[cafe/takeaway] Source
2010 Metro Cafe  Photo  Photo Source
2009 Metro Cafe
Metro Cafe Grafitti  Website  Photo
2002 Mikes Minimarket[general goods] Source
1978 Mikes Minimarket[general goods] Source
1970 R.H. Odey[beer retailer] Source
1962 Geoffrey Edward Knowles[beer retailer] Source
1950 Wm. Hector Butland[beer retailer] Source
1939 Mrs Alice Rosling[beer retailer (off)] Source
1939 Arthur Greenslade[plumber] Source
1931 Mrs Alice Rosling[beer retailer (off)] Source
1931 Arthur Greenslade[plumber] Source
1921 Peregrine John Rosling[beer retailer (off)] Source
1910 Peregrine John Rosling[grocer & beer retailer (off)] Source
1900 Peregrine Jno. Rosling[grocer and beer retailer] Source
1890 James Trowbridge Source

216, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris
216, Gloucester Road dated 2010 from Panoramio
dated 2010   from Panoramio
216, Gloucester Road dated 2009 from Panoramio
Metro Cafe Grafitti dated 2009   from Panoramio