2017 Bishopston Hardware & DIY Centre[hardware store] Source
2012 Bishopston Hardware & DIY Centre[hardware store]Photo Source
2011 Bishopston Hardware[hardware] Source
2008 Bishopston Hardware  Website
History by David Cemlyn
2002 Bishopston Hardware[hardware and diy] Source
1978 Bishopston Hardware[hardware and diy] Source
1970 Hammonds[turf accountants] Source
1962 J. Davis[turf accountant] Source
1960 Bishopston Hardware[hardware store]
by Roger H Lidgley   Story
1950 Andersons[furniture dealers] Source
1950 Anderson[junk shop]by Gerry Serpell-Morris  Story Source
1939 [greengrocer] Source
1931 Mrs. Winifred M. Britton[greengrocer] Source
1921 Frederick Breddy[greengrocer] Source
1910 Fredk. Chas. Harding[greengrocer] Source
1890 Joseph B. Chick Source

211-211A, Gloucester Road dated 2012-04-19Z by chris
dated 2012-04-19Z   by chris