2017 Pho Hanoi[restaurant (vietnamese noodles)] Source
2012 Huong Que[restaurant(Vietnamese)]Photo Source
2011 Huong Que[restaurant(Vietnamese)] Source
2002 Cafe Unlimited[cafe and art gallery] Source
1978 Stop Press[news agent] Source
1970 Clapp & Co.[estate agents] Source
1962 Stokes Cafe & Ice Cream Parlour[dining rooms] Source
1960 Lee's[ice cream parlour]
by Roger H Lidgley   Story
1950 Lees Milk Bar Source
1939 A.&W. Lee[confectioners] Source
1931 Laurence L. Taylour[fruiterer] Source
1921 Barnfield & Green,[house furnishers] Source
1910 The Bristol Imperial Cleaning Co. Source
1900 Clark & Co[art needle workers and fancy stores] Source
1890 Frederick Geh Source

209, Gloucester Road dated 2012-04-20Z by chris
dated 2012-04-20Z   by chris