2017 Odd Sox[shoes (childrens)] Source
2013 Odd SoxTwitter  Twitter Source
2012 Odd Sox[shoes(childrens)]  WebsitePhoto Source
2012 204[art gallery]  Website Source
2011 Charlie Boots[gallery (art)/fashion workshop] Source
2002 Reeves and Co[accountants] Source
1978 Reeves and Co[accountants] Source
1970 Westway[insurance brokers] Source
1962 F.S. Cocking & Son[motor car hire self drive] Source
1955 [cycle shop]by Barbara Palmer  Story Source
1950 F.S. Cocking & Son[cycle agents] Source
1939 F.S. Cocking & Son[cycle agents] Source
1931 Fredk. Sydney Cocking[fruiterer] Source
1921 William Prichard[confectioner] Source
1900 The People's Furnishing Company Source
1890 Edwin Chesterman[general stores] Source

204, Gloucester Road dated 2012-04-20Z by chris
dated 2012-04-20Z   by chris