2017 Natural Born Flooring[flooring] Source
2012 Natural Born Flooring[flooring]  WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Drum Bank Music[musical instruments] Source
2002 Drum Bank Music[musical instruments and sheet music] Source
1978 Clapp & Co[estate agents] Source
1970 Hodders Ltd.[chemists] Source
1962 Hodders Ltd[chemists] Source
1950 Hodders Ltd.[chemists] Source
1949 Hodders the Chemist
by Gerry Serpell-Morris  Story
1939 Hodders ltd.[chemists] Source
1931 Hodders Ltd.[chemists] Source
1921 Hodder Henry & Co. ltd.[chemists] Source
1910 Hodder Henry & Co. ltd.[chemists and druggists] Source
1900 Hodder Henry & Co. Ltd[chemists and druggists] Source
1890 A.N. Godby Gibbs[surgeon] Source

203, Gloucester Road dated 2012-04-19Z by chris
dated 2012-04-19Z   by chris