2017 Cafe Dream[cafe] Source
2016 Cafe Dream[cafe]Photo Source
2014 Cafe Dream[cafe] Source
2012 Golden Cedar[restaurant(Lebanese)]Photo Source
2011   Vacant Source
2011 Express Shoe RepairsPaul Rutter[boot repairers and key cutting]  Moved Source
2004 Express Shoe RepairsPaul Rutter[boot repairers] Source
2002 Express[footware repair] Source
1978 Express[footware repair] Source
1970 W.E. Crossfield[boot repairers] Source
1962 Clothiers[boot repairers] Source
1960 Clothiers
Top of Pigsty Hill - by Gerald Serpell-MorrisPhoto
1955 Clothiers Shoe Shop
by Barbara Palmer  Story
1950 Clothiers[boot repairers] Source
1939 William Clothier[boot repairer] Source
1931 William Clothier[boot repairer] Source
1921 William Clothier[boot repairer] Source
1910 Henry James Bussell[boot maker] Source
1900 John Osborne Jewell Source
1900 The People's Furnishing Company Source
1890 Thos. Henry Beavis[greengrocer and dairyman] Source

202, Gloucester Road dated 2016-03-14Z by chris
dated 2016-03-14Z   by chris
202, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris
202, Gloucester Road dated 1960
Top of Pigsty Hill - by Gerald Serpell-Morris dated 1960