2017 PaperPlane[gift shop and art gallery(co-operative)]  Website Source
2016 PaperPlanePhoto Source
2014 PaperPlane[art gallery and gifts]  Opened  Website Source
2012 Timeout Travel[travel agent]Photo Source
2011 Timeout Travel[travel agent(Polish)] Source
2002 R Harwood[estate agents] Source
1978 R Harwood[estate agents] Source
1970 Leonora[ladies hairdresser] Source
1962 Leonora[ladies hairdresser] Source
1950 Mrs. D. M. Christian[secondhand furniture dealer] Source
1939 John Geo. Crawford[newsagent] Source
1931 John Geo. Crawford[news agent] Source
1921 John Geo. Crawford[news agent] Source
1910 C. Emery[butcher] Source
1890 Henry Newport Source

196, Gloucester Road dated 2016-03-14Z by chris
dated 2016-03-14Z   by chris
196, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris