2017 Pat's News[newsagent] Source
2013 Pat's NewsPhoto Source
2011 Pat's News[newsagent] Source
2002 Pat's News[confectioner, news agent] Source
1978 C.A. May[confectioner, news agent] Source
1970 C.A. May[confectioner] Source
1962 C. A. May[confectioner] Source
1950 Mays Bristol Ltd.Basil H. Meynell[confectioners] Source
1939 Jsph T. May[confectionar] Source
1931 Jsph. T. May[confectioner] Source
1925 The Crystal Sweet ShopHodson[confectioner]  PhotoPhoto Source
1921 Misses Nellie & Rosie Hodson[confectioners] Source
1910 Mrs Sarah Hodson[confectioner] Source
1900 Mrs Sarah Hodson[confectioner] Source
1890 Henry Langdon Source
1881 John Tailor[printer compositor]
Total of 8 people living in house

183, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-16Z by chris
dated 2013-05-16Z   by chris
183, Gloucester Road dated 1925 from Paul Townsend
dated 1925   from Paul Townsend