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2017 Cafe Ronak
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2002   vacant Source
1978 Cabot[footware] Source
1970 Woolcraft[wool shop] Source
1962 Maypole Dairy Co. Limited Source
1939 Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd. Source
1931 Maypole Dairy Co.[(dairy)] Source
1921 Maypole Dairy Co, limited[dairy] Source
1910 Maypole Dairy Co., Limited[(dairy)] Source
1900 Henry John Cary[tailor] Source
1890 Henry John Cary[tailor] Source

169, Gloucester Road dated 2017-05-23+01:00
Now with outside seating area dated 2017-05-23+01:00  
169, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-16Z by chris
dated 2013-05-16Z   by chris