2017 Bargain World[household goods] Source
2017 Bargain WorldPhoto Source
2015 Bargain World[household goods]
shop reduced to 165 only
2013 Bargain WorldPhoto Source
2013 Credit CruncherPhoto Source
2011 Credit Cruncher[household goods] Source
2002 Poundsaver[household goods] Source
1978 Stan Westlake[fruit and veg] Source
1970 Westlake S. M. Ltd.[fruiterers] Source
1962 W. Barnet[fruiterer] Source
1950 G.H. Hodder and Co. Ltd.[bacon curers] Source
1939 R.J. Gorham[ladies' outfitter] Source
1931 R. J. Gorham[grocers] Source
1921 Roderick McRae[fruiterer] Source
1910 Mrs Kate Blanche Haskins[greengrocer and fruiterer] Source
1900 Albert Thomson Source
1890 Samuel Kernick Source

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165, Gloucester Road dated 2017-05-23+01:00 by Jenny Morris
dated 2017-05-23+01:00   by Jenny Morris
163-165, Gloucester Road dated 2013-11-07Z by chris
dated 2013-11-07Z   by chris
165, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-16Z by chris
dated 2013-05-16Z   by chris