2017   Residential Source
2013 Photo Source
2012 DemolitionPhoto Source
2011   Vacant Source
2010   PlanningPlanning Application  Planning Application Source
2008   ClosedPhoto Source
2004 Diamond Wok  Closed Source
2002 Canton Kitchen[takeaway food :(fish and chips, chinese)] Source
1978 Canton Kitchen[takeaway food(fish and chips, chinese)] Source
1970 Canton Kitchen[fried fish shop] Source
1962 Mrs L. G. Cook[fried fish shop] Source
1960 [takeway fish and chips]by Roger H Lidgley   Story Source
1950 Mrs Eliz. Cook[fried fish shop] Source
1939 Mrs Eliz. Cook[fried fish shop] Source
1931 Wilfred Berry Perevl?[fried fish shop] Source
1921 Frederick Cook[fried fish shop] Source
1910 William Garth[fried fish shop] Source
1900 Andrew Woodrow[fried fish shop] Source
1890 H.B. Limington[boot and shoe maker] Source

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156, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-07Z by chris
dated 2013-05-07Z   by chris
156, Gloucester Road dated 2012-01-28Z
Demolition dated 2012-01-28Z  
156, Gloucester Road dated 2008-08 from Google Street View
dated 2008-08   from Google Street View