2017 Stone Hodges Apartments Source
2012 Stone Hodges ApartmentsPhoto Source
2011 Design146.com[advertising] Source
2002 D.W. House[estate agents] Source
1978 D.W. House[estate agents] Source
1970 H.G. Tibbenham[newsagent] Source
1962 Horace G. Hart[tobacconist] Source
1950 Horace G. Lewis[tobacconist] Source
1939 Cyril Oliver Hawkins[tobacconist] Source
1931 Cecil Oliver Wilkins[tobacconist] Source
1921 Tiley Bros.[coal merchants] Source
1921 Herbert Hendrey[tobacconist] Source
1910 Tilley Bros.[coal merchants] Source
1900 Miss Matilda Dyer[tobacconist and newsagent] Source
1890 Fredk. Geo. Roberts[cricket depot and tobacconist] Source

146, Gloucester Road dated 2012-01-28Z by chris
dated 2012-01-28Z   by chris