2017 Totally Toys[toyshop] Source
2013 Totally ToysPhoto Source
2013 Totally Toys
a post from Bishopston Mum  News
2011 Totally ToysPaul Carpenter[toyshop] Source
2002 Totally Toys[toys] Source
1985 Martin's[toyshop]
by Mike Matthews  Story
1978 Baileys[furnishings, carpet and fabrics] Source
1970 Baileys Stores (Bristol)[house furnishers] Source
1962 Baileys Stores (Bristol)[house furnishers] Source
1950 Baileys (Bristol), Ltd.[ironmongers] Source
1939 Bailey's Stores[ironmongers, etc.] Source
1931 Bailey's Stores[ironmongers] Source
1925 Bailey's Store
Fixing the sign  PhotoPhoto
1921 Bailey's Stores[ironmongers] Source
1920 Bailey's Stores  PhotoPhoto Source
1910 Sidney Bailey[ironmonger] Source
1900 George Bailey[hardware dealer] Source
1890 George Bailey[hardware retailer] Source

109, Gloucester Road dated 2013-05-16Z by chris
dated 2013-05-16Z   by chris
109, Gloucester Road dated 1925 from Paul Townsend
Fixing the sign dated 1925   from Paul Townsend
109-113, Gloucester Road dated 1920 from Paul Townsend
dated 1920   from Paul Townsend