2017 Salvation Army[charity shop] Source
2014 Salvation Army[charity shop]  Opened  Website Source
2011 Pembury Cycles[bicycles] Source
2002 Reid's[office equipment and stationery] Source
1978 Reid's[office equipment and stationery] Source
1970 Office Supplies Co.[office appliances & equipment] Source
1970 Blakes' Bakeries Ltd[bakers] Source
1962 Blake's Bakeries Ltd[(bakers)] Source
1950 Howard Stanley Jones[dentist] Source
1939 Howard Stanley Jones[dentist] Source
1931 Howard Stanley Jones[dentist] Source
1921 Howard Stanley Jones[artifical teeth maker] Source
1910 InglescroftMrs Happerfield Source
1900 InglescroftMrs Happerfield Source
1890 Carlton VillaJohn A. Page Source
1881 John A. Page[stationer]
4 in household