67A, Gloucester Road, BS7 8AD, Bristol
2015 Eat a PitaDan Levy[takaway(falafel)]OpenedPhoto Source
2015 TigerlilyMarj Cook[clothes and accessories]OpenedPhoto Source
2014 Way  Closed Source
2013 WayTwitter Source
2013 WayWebsite Source
2013 WayPhoenix rising : Boutique born in ashes Source
2013 WayDagmara Zielinska[clothes, jewelery and body piercing]  OpenedPhoto Source
2011 Photo Source
2011 Creation Nails StudioHome UTube of the fire - contains swearing Source
2002 G.L. Brown[army surplus] Source
1995 Surplus StoresG.L. Brown[army surplus]
dates uncertain
1978 G.L. Brown[mensware] Source
1970 G. L. Brown[clothier] Source
1962 G. L. Brown[clothier] Source
1957 Browns Army and Navystory by Jo Fisher Source
1950 Mrs Edith May Crocker[caterer] Source
1939 Mrs Edith May Crocker[caterer] Source
1931 Bertram Crocker[caterer] Source
1921 William Henry Dunn[tobacconist] Source
1910 William Henry Dunn[tobacconist] Source
1900 John Atterbury Jones[tobacconist] Source
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