345, Gloucester Road, Bristol
2011 BetFred[bookmaker] Source
1982 M.A.C[builder's merchant]story by Tony Virgo Source
1964 Premier Cinema  Closed Source
1962 Premier Cinema Theatre[cinema] Source
1960 Premier Cinema[cinema]The CinemaPhoto Source
1950 Premier Cinema Theatre[cinema] Source
1945 Premier Cinemastory by Gerry Serpell-Morris Source
1939 Premier Cinema TheatreS. H. Justin[cinema] Source
1931 Premier Cinema TheatreS. H. Justin[cinema] Source
1921 Premier Cinema TheatreR Justin[cinema] Source
1916 Premier Cinemastory by Tony Virgo Source
1914 Premier Cinema
The Premier Cinema, located on the east side of Gloucester Road. The cinema was built by W. Porter for S.H. Justin and designed by W. H. Watkins (Ewins 1984, 27). The cinema opened in 1914 with 600 seats downstairs and 100 seats on the balcony (Anderson 1983, 22). The building was altered in the 1930s to hold 962 seats and taken over by Jacey Cinemas Ltd in the 1940s (Ewins 1984, 27). The cinema closed in 1964. The building is extant.
1910 Mrs Sarah Jane Randall[laundress] Source
1900 Henry Randall Source
1890 Mrs Selway[laundress] Source
345, Gloucester Road dated 1960 from Paul Townsend
The Cinema dated 1960   from Paul Townsend