249A, Gloucester Road, Bristol
2012 [Residential]249A is on the right.
249A is entirely separate from number 249 - which is further up Gloucester Road on the block above Wesley Road.
1970 Sidney P. Newton[house decorator] Source
1962 Sidney P Newton[house decorator] Source
1950 Sidney Percvl Newton Source
1950 Newton & Clout[house decorators] Source
1939 Newton & Son[house decorators] Source
1939 Sidney Percival Newton Source
1931 Sidney Newton[builder] Source
1921 Fred Phillips Source
1910 Francis Carey Source
1900 Rev Jabez Percival Ward UMFC Source
1900 Alfred Wilkins UMFC Source
1890 Stanley CottageAlred Wilkins Source
1890 Stanley cottageAlfred Wilkins Source
249A, Gloucester Road dated 2012-02-04Z
249A is on the right. dated 2012-02-04Z