232, Gloucester Road, BS7 8NZ, Bristol
2012 the chimp house barLinkPhoto Source
2011 The Chimp House[cafe/bar] Source
2002 Avon Dry-Cleaning Service[dry cleaners] Source
1988 Bollom's Dry Cleanersstory by Mike Matthews Source
1978 Avon Dry-Cleaning Service[dry cleaners] Source
1970 Regency Cleaners Ltd[(cleaners)] Source
1962 A.B.C. Dry Cleaners Ltd[dyers and cleaners] Source
1950 A.B.C. Dry Cleaners Ltd.[dyers & cleaners] Source
1939 New Press Valet Service[dyer and cleaner] Source
1931 Bishopston Valet ServicesW. F. Howell[dyers and cleaners] Source
1921 Laster Shoe Co.[boot dealers] Source
1910 John Button[tailor] Source
1910 George Hancock[saddler] Source
1900 Mrs Nora Willoughby[fancy bazaar] Source
1890 George Harris Source
232, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris