214, Gloucester Road, BS7 8NU, Bristol
2017 Artemis[jewellery and gifts] Source
2012 Artemis[jewellery and gifts] WebsitePhoto Source
2011   Vacant Source
2002 Headstart[ladies hairdresser] Source
1978 Headstart[ladies hairdresser] Source
1970 Arte De Coiffeur[ladies' hairdresser] Source
1962 Dorothy's[ladies' hairdresser] Source
1955 Deakin[basketmaker]by Barbara Palmer Story Source
1950 Jn. Deacon[basket maker] Source
1939 John Deacon[basket maker] Source
1931 John Deacon[basket maker] Source
1921 John Deacon[basket maker] Source
1920 Deacon[basket maker]by Jo Yeandle Story Source
1910 John Harry Parsons[draper and milliner &c.] Source
214, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris