212, Gloucester Road, BS7 8NU, Bristol
2017 Room 212Sarah Thorp[art gallery and gifts] Source
2017 Room 212Sarah Thorp Website
Finalist in the SmallAwards for High Street Hero
2016 Room 212Photo Source
2014 Mum's the Word News Source
2014 Wheelchair-bound photographer David Constantine talks about the challenges of his portraiture News Source
2013 Room 212Sarah Thorp[art gallery] Twitter Source
2012 Room 212[gallery] WebsitePhoto Source
2011 Room 212[gallery (art)] Source
2002 M. Wyatt[news agent] Source
1978 M. Wyatt[news agent] Source
1970 Wm. Wyatt[bookseller] Source
1962 Wm. Wyatt[newsagent] Source
1955 Wyatt[newsagent]by Barbara Palmer Story Source
1950 Wm. Wyatt[newsagent] Source
1939 William Wyatt[newsagent] Source
1931 William Wyatt[newsagent] Source
1921 William Wyatt[news agent] Source
1910 Albert J. Gwythe[boot maker] Source
1900 J. Ware & Co.[grocers] Source
1890 J. Ware & Co.[grocers] Source
212, Gloucester Road dated 2016-03-14Z by chris
dated 2016-03-14Z   by chris
212, Gloucester Road dated 2012 by chris
dated 2012   by chris